Co-superviser PhD student

Together with my CREAF colleague Professor Dani Sol I am happy to say I recently started co-supervising my first PhD Student. Marçal Pou Rossell will be studying the role of behavioural plasticity and individual differences related to (social) cognition in wild jackdaws. He will be working on the large monitored Jackdaw population dat Dani has been managing near Lleida, Spain, and his PhD work will likely combine GPS data with behavioural observations and automated nest-box monitoring to better understand how individuals deal with their changing environment, make foraging decisions, and how that is affected by their social context. You can find him on instagram here.

Selin Ersoy joins the lab

Selin Ersoy has joined the lab for a research internship on predator-prey dynamics and collective behaviour. Selin spent a year in the Kalahari and just finished her masters, during which she studied social network dynamics in ravens. The coming months she will help running an exciting new project using the pike-stickleback system I have been setting-up here at Konstanz.

MSc project final presentation

During the lab meeting today Lauren gave a great final presentation today of her Masters project on the effects of the group personality composition on group learning ability in three-spined sticklebacks. Looking forward to her MSc thesis in a month’s time!


New stickleback project finished

taggedfishTwo part II Zoology students of mine have just finished an exciting new project with the sticklebacks! I can’t say too much about it yet but the photo can give an idea ;-) In short, it involved large numbers of tagged three-spine sticklebacks.