Mar 1st
New position at CREAF! (read)

Feb 20th
Talk at the White sea stickleback workshop (read)

Feb 18th
Seminar at CEAB (read)


Dec 9th
Invited (virtual) seminar at LMU

Oct 12th
New paper and software package: pirecorder! (read)

Sep 16th
New paper out in Biology Letters (read)

Aug 26th
Awarded Young Scholar Fund grant (read)

Jul 23rd
New paper in Scientific Reports (read)

Jul 16th
Talk at the ASAB 2020 Virtual meeting (read)

Jul 13th
New video short about my work! (read)

Jul 7th
Paper submitted to JOSS

Jun 12th
New preprint about robofish and group-behaviour (read)

Feb 18th
On the front cover of TREE! (read)

Feb 14th
Invited seminar at IEA, Girona, Spain

Jan 1st
Consulting Editor Animal Behaviour


Dec 2nd
Invited colloquium at NIOZ

Nov 28th
Gave the Dobberke lecture at the yearly NVG meeting

Nov 27th
Invited seminar at GELIFES

Nov 27th
Co-organiser PhD workshop (read)

Oct 14th
MSc Alex Böhm joins the lab

Sep 12th
Presented at BES Impacts of extreme climatic events (read)

Aug 31st
Organised workshop on using Raspberry Pi’s in research (read)

Aug 28th
Talk at ASAB Summer conference (read)

Jul 24th
New paper out on personality, plasticity, and predictability (read)

Jul 1st
Taken on role of head of animal facilities (read)

Jun 2nd
New review paper submitted!

May 21st
Zukunftskolleg talk on diversity

May 15th
Lab meeting talk

May 9th
New paper accepted

Apr 25th
New co-author paper accepted

Jan 17th
Interview in Kosmos magazine (read)

Jan 9th
Shaun Killen visiting

Jan 4th
Uploaded five new research videos


Dec 22nd
New paper submitted about boldness plasticity

Dec 15th
Member of the Zukunftskolleg executive committee (read)

Nov 29th
Commentary paper published in JFB!

Nov 20th
Jour Fixe Talk about my recent field trip to Spain

Nov 6th
Talk for the Zukunftskolleg SAB meeting

Oct 20th
Exhibiting School of Lights during the Dutch Design Week

Sep 4th
Month paternity leave

Aug 18th
Finished experiment role Schisto infection on escape behaviour

Aug 7th
New coding page added!

Jun 26th
Departmental seminar Münster University (read)

Jun 8th
Talk at the lab meeting

May 23rd
Seminar at the Zukunfstkolleg

Apr 27th
Poster at the von Humboldt conference (read)

Apr 1st
New MSc student joins the lab (read)

Mar 1st
Started von Humboldt & Zukunftskolleg fellowship (read)

Feb 16th
Research featured on ARD tv

Jan 10th
Attending SNA workshop

Jan 5th
Paper accepted Proc Roy Soc B

Jan 1st
Paternity leave


Dec 15th
Finished student experiment (read)

Dec 8th
Paper accepted Funct Ecol

Dec 7th
Finished individual movement experiment

Nov 21st
Awarded public engagement grant (read)

Nov 6th
MSc lecture heterogeneity in collective behaviour

Oct 25th
Awarded mentorship grant (read)

Oct 10th
Selin Ersoy joins the lab

Sep 7th
New paper out in Current Biology! (read)

Jul 17th
MSc project final presentation (read)

Jul 4th
MSc lecture individual differences

May 26th
Invited seminar Glasgow University (read)

Apr 15th
Field trip in Catalunya (read)

Mar 23rd
Featured on German television (read)


Dec 6th
Reviews 2016

Nov 14th
MSc lecture

Sep 2nd
Submitted von Humboldt Fellowship (read)

Aug 1st
Talk at ISBE 2016

Jul 4th
Talk at the international SEB conference

Mar 4th
New paper out on personality and foraging in sticklebacks

Mar 3rd
Started Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute!

Jan 1st
New paper: recent social conditions affect boldness repeatability


Dec 16th
PhD completed!

Nov 30th
Guest Lecture, Bangor University

Nov 27th
Handed in my PhD thesis

Nov 15th
Paper accepted in JFB on personality and foraging in sticklebacks

Nov 5th
Paper accepted in Animal Behaviour about boldness repeatability

Oct 6th
Paper accepted in Royal Society Open Science on sex differences in rats

Sep 22nd
Awarded post-doctoral Research Grant from ASAB

Sep 11th
Four manuscripts on the go

Jul 23rd
Invited talk at Collective Behaviour Symposium, Max Planck Institute

Jun 30th
Received Clare College Thirkill Prize

Jun 10th
Awarded Philosophical Society Research Grant

May 5th
New stickleback project finished

Mar 13th
Talk at Clareity Research Symposium 2015, Cambridge

Feb 25th
Renovating my lab

Feb 23rd
Guest Lecture at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge


Dec 30th
Reviewer for seven papers in 2014

Dec 5th
Poster at ASAB Winter meeting, London

Oct 31st
Price for 2nd Best Graduate Poster, Cambridge

Oct 30th
Guest lecture on Animal Tracking, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Oct 28th
Paper accepted on social attraction, boldness and collective behaviour

Aug 26th
New paper: previous social experience drives leadership behaviour

Aug 1st
Talk at ISBE conference, New York

May 23rd
Invited talk at ENP meeting, Lunteren

May 15th
Talk at the Ecology & Behaviour Conference, Montpellier

Apr 9th
Prize for Best Poster, ASAB Conference, Sheffield

Mar 13th
Organised the Clareity Research Symposium, Cambridge

Mar 4th
New paper: jackdaw nestlings can discriminate between conspecifics

Feb 7th
Talk at Departmental Seminar series, Cambridge


Aug 8th
Talk at the IEC Behaviour Conference, Newcastle

Jun 6th
New review paper: social modulation of decision-making

Apr 13th
New paper: dominance and boldness determine social foraging in corvids

Apr 5th
Prize for Best question, ASAB Conference Lincoln

Apr 4th
Poster at ASAB Conference, Lincoln

Mar 14th
Talk at the Clare Research Symposium, Cambridge

Mar 12th
Elected Graduate Research Officer

Mar 1st
New paper: heterogeneity in corvid flocking