New paper out in Frontiers in Physiology

I am happy to say that an exciting paper that I worked on with Shaun Killen, Christos Ioannou, and others is now available online in Frontiers in Physiology. In the paper we line out physiological performance curves, the nonlinear changes in the physiological traits and performance of animals across environmental gradients, and discuss their potential to change social behaviour and group functioning, and the ecological consequences

Figure depicting how animals physiological performance may hypothetically change across different environmental variables (A) and the way in which individuals my differ from one another in their performance curves (B).

The paper leans heavily on my 2020 TREE paper with Shaun and Andrew King, but goes further by focusing on individual heterogeneity in variability between individuals. The work is mostly theoretical because there is still very little empirical work done, so looking forward to test some of the ideas myself with Shaun and colleagues next year in terms of how fish differ in how they respond to severe droughts. You can download the paper open access here!

Killen, S. S., Cortese, D., Cotgrove, L., Jolles, J. W., Munson, A., and Christos, C. (2021). The potential for physiological performance curves to shape environmental effects on social behaviour. Front. Physiol. 12, 754719. doi:10.32942/